Dust 514: From the Ashes (or, rather, Dust)

I discovered Dust 514 a year and a month ago, back when I first came into the world of New Eden through EVE. Back then, I knew not of the complexities of Dust, and had little FPS experience at all. Back then, the matchmaker put me in battles that were almost all veterans destroying the new […]


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The Road to Solo PvP (#1?)

Most everyone’s seen one of those solo PvP videos, where someone kills tons of people with one ship. They make it seem so easy. I tried this once. It didn’t go well. Thus, starting tomorrow, I will use the following Incursus fit: [Incursus, Dual Rep] Damage Control II Small Armor Repairer II Small Ancillary Armor Repairer, Nanite Repair […]

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Here Goes Nothing

Recently, Sugar Kyle posted a blog post about starting up a lowsec market, and that got me thinking about stocking a market myself. Although the Heydieles-Fliet market is not barren by any means, there are still many things that cannot be found nearby. I often find myself missing a rig or a module that I need […]

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The Search for Stratios

In the Kronos Release, Drone Nexus Chips were added to the game. These can be turned in to the Sisters of EVE LP store for Astero, Stratios, or Nestor blueprints, depending on the chip. Normally, these drops are quite rare, but recently, I have had some very lucky drops. The Rogue Drone Combat Site “Ruins” […]

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