A New Rifter Pilot’s Thoughts

Recently, I have taken a liking to the T1 Minmatar Combat Frigate, the Rifter. I haven’t lost a solo fight with it yet. Here are some of the fits I have been using to great effect.

Click to expand.
Click to expand.

This is one I’ve tried out recently. It’s a Rifter with a 400mm plate, a neut, and 125mm Autocannons. I took a fight with a Merlin with it the other day. He had the advantage, getting good hits with his blasters. But the added buffer from the 400mm plate, combined with the small neut, allowed me to shut down his scram for just long enough to escape from the plex. So, no killmails here.

A terrible fit.
A terrible fit.

This is a variant of the fit I used to get this kill. After starting the duel request with him, I orbited at about 5k, and he was pounded by the guns, and eventually died (More in my first post). This fit is a little faster than the other one, but it has less buffer.


I got this Merlin kill with this fit. Nothing too exciting here, just basically stole this off Reddit.

I’ve also heard that there’s an Artillery fit that’s pretty good, but I don’t know how I would use it, or how it would perform. Overall though, I feel that the Rifter is going to be one of my new favorite ships.


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